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July 2017



Are you a chapter officer? Get helpful tips and reminders here!

Chapter Presidents

Please be sure to remind members that renewal time is just around the corner, and explain how they will receive their membership renewal invoices. Members with an email address listed in the NAWIC database will be emailed a link to renew online by the end of July (a paper invoice will not be mailed). Members who do not have an email address will be sent a renewal in the mail by the end of July.

It is especially important to remind new members of the renewing dues structure. All members who joined between November 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017 will receive a renewal with prorated national dues. Members who join in July, August or September 2017 are automatically signed up with a Fourth Quarter Membership, which lasts through September 2018.

To decrease the processing time of renewals, we strongly recommend members renew online. NAWIC accepts American Express, MasterCard, Discover and Visa, so renewing online is easy. Members can also go online and choose check as form of payment. Also, remind members to keep their information current, especially email addresses. Members can update their information by visiting > Login/Sign Up > Edit Profile > Update Your Info.

Chapter Treasurers

The 2017-2018 chapter officers should be elected no later than June 30. It is important to remember that the incoming treasurer may not necessarily be a bookkeeper by trade. To ensure a smooth transition from one treasurer to another, consider scheduling a time to meet with the incoming treasurer to train her on proper record-keeping procedures for your chapter. Since your chapter’s finances are important to the chapter’s success, it is vital that clear communication and direction is given to the new treasurer.

Even if the incoming treasurer is familiar with record keeping, she will need to know how your particular chapter handles its finances. Don’t forget to pass along the Chapter Treasurers Handbook. Let her know you are available throughout the year to answer any questions or assist her in any way.

Also, the IRS Compliance Form for 2017 is available online. Go to > Member Center > Chapters > IRS Tax Center or click here. It is due to the NAWIC office by Nov. 1, 2017 or immediately after the chapter finance audit is complete.

Chapter Membership Chairs

Is your chapter prepared to welcome new members properly? First impressions can determine whether or not a new member becomes active in her chapter or even if she chooses to renew her membership. Some ideas taken from the Membership Committee Handbook:

• Provide a badge with her name and company.
• Provide a chapter information packet that includes an up-to-date roster, a list of chapter officers and directors, a current chapter calendar of events, a chapter facts sheet and a list of chapter bylaws, standing rules and procedures.
• Ensure each new member has her mentor, recruiter or seasoned member introduce her, answer questions and sit with her throughout the meeting/dinner.

Welcoming her properly will give her a positive first impression of your chapter and encourage her to get involved.


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