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October 2017


Are you a chapter officer? Get helpful tips and reminders here!

Chapter Presidents

Communicate to your chapter members that renewals were due at the NAWIC Office by Sept. 30. Refer to “Start the NAWIC Year Off Right; Renew Your Membership” in the Announcements section of this newsletter for more details about how to pay or obtain a renewal invoice online. Stress the importance of renewing their memberships, so they do not miss out on the benefits of NAWIC membership. NAWIC leaders should set the example and renew in a prompt manner. Please ensure each member serving on the board or on a committee has renewed her membership. Chapter officers not renewed by Oct. 15 will no longer receive further communications from the NAWIC office, including new member notifications. Until their dues are paid, they will not be considered members of the Association.

Chapter Treasurers

It’s renewal time at the NAWIC Office! This means that the Office is processing chapter dues for the 2017-2018 year. As chapter treasurer, you will soon begin receiving electronic ACH payments from the NAWIC Office for chapter dues paid on behalf of your chapter members. 

Below is more information about the Chapter Dues process.

On the 15th and 30th of every month

  • The NAWIC Bookkeeper and Membership Director reconcile their records to ensure accurate processing. This means all funds and renewals received for each renewed member are accounted for.
  • Chapter electronic ACH payments are issued for chapter dues.
  • When an electronic ACH payment is processed, an email notification will be sent to chapter treasurers. This will also include a renewal report. Be sure to communicate the renewal report with your president and membership chair, so they are also aware of who has renewed.

Chapter Membership Chairs

Please ensure your chapter websites are updated with the 2017-2018 New Member Application. Please be sure to destroy old applications and replace them with new ones. Any old applications received with the incorrect amount of money will be held until full payment is received. Not paying the correct amount because the application is “wrong” can be very frustrating for the new member. Help us make the new member process go smoothly by destroying the old applications today. Thank you!

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