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June 2017




Planning for the NAWIC 2017-2018 Year ... Already?

By Diane I. Mike, CBT, NAWIC Secretary

Nomination accepted, votes are in, elections completed. I’m now on the chapter board ready for the leadership role, but now what do I do? Many of us have been in this position and it can be scary. As a chapter member on the board, you have accepted the responsibility to make sound decisions for your chapter over the next year. So where do you start?

Chapters can create a successful transition from one year to the next through planning and mentorship. Here are a few suggestions many chapters are using:


• Have a board planning session with both the outgoing and incoming board members present. During the session:

- Review chapter strategic plan. If you don’t have one, create one!
- Review chapter bylaws and standing rules. Do changes/updates need to be made?
- Review budget.
- Review your chapter’s calendar of events.

• Incoming board members should attend regional leadership retreat usually held by the region director.
• The incoming president should host a planning session with incoming board and committee chairs to discuss ways to achieve strategic plan goals, expectations of leadership, and brainstorm for new ideas. Don’t be afraid to try something new. This also helps build a cohesive team.
• Incoming board members should review handbooks, attend chapter leadership training webinars or view previous webinars on the NAWIC YouTube site. Don’t be afraid to ask questions of the member who previously held the role.
• Outgoing board members should be prepared to mentor and be available to answer questions if asked. Mentoring and collaboration are the keys to success.
• Begin scouting for emerging leaders in the membership and begin mentoring them to move towards chapter leadership roles.Succession planning should be a constant in the chapter.

These are just a few suggestions and I am sure there are many more out there. Share your ideas.

Now let’s flip the coin, what if you are not on the board—at least not yet. What can you do? If you are interested in helping your chapter grow, let your voice be heard.

• Talk to your incoming chapter board members and make suggestions or give them ideas.
• Volunteer. Ask to be part of a committee that you are interested in.
• Attend NAWIC chapter leadership training webinars to see what leadership role you are interested in, which fits best with your skillset, or, even better, what role challenges you to grow as a leader and will teach you new skills.

Whether you are on the board or not, tell your friends about NAWIC, invite your contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, and coworkers to chapter meetings.

One final suggestion for all NAWIC members—read and review your NAWIC Operations Manual. There is a plethora of information in that book and knowledge is power.

In the words of our esteemed NAWIC President—let’s SUPPORT one another, ENCOURAGE each other, and GROW both personally and professionally as we lead our Association forward.

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