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October 2017



New NAWIC President Catherine Schoenenberger

By Catherine Schoenenberger, NAWIC President

Well, it is Fall Conference season, and welcome to it! With the exception of the Southeast Region, our Fall Conferences are still in front of us. Our region directors have all put into place valuable industry workshops, networking events and yes, discussion sessions for critical NAWIC business. If you’re unable to make your region’s Conference, then please consider attending another region’s event. There are a lot of transitions and changes afoot for NAWIC, and our Fall Conferences will offer a perfect venue for in-person discussion.

This first quarter of 2017–2018 is already full of exciting transitions for NAWIC! On the chapter level, I extend my sincerest congratulations and gratitude to all of the newly elected chapter board leadership. Our region directors are looking forward to working with you, so make sure your director knows the best way to communicate with you. NAWIC’s new Executive Vice President Beth Brooks is hard at work streamlining operations at the home office. She and the NAWIC staff are navigating unfamiliar waters with great care and patience, and are making tremendous positive progress. You’ll be seeing those results in real time, if you haven’t already!

Our Infrastructure Goals have been brought to the forefront of the NAWIC Strategic Plan. The proposed national (and thereby chapter) Bylaw changes regarding the elimination of delegates and altering the means by which region directors are elected before our next election are now out for circulation. Circulation for review and comment began Sept. 18. I invite you to read and offer comment/discussion on these proposals. Please utilize the Bulletin Board Forum to ask your questions or express your thoughts. Again, if you’re able to make Fall Conference, there will be a portion of the director’s agenda dedicated to these proposals of change. 

The primary intent of these proposed changes is to secure one full vote for all eligible voting members, by eliminating “delegates.” At the national level this translates to all eligible members in attendance at AMEC (including our Members at Large) receiving one full vote (no fractions). At the Region level, the proposed change would allow all eligible members within the region to cast her individual vote via electronic ballot, as we currently do for the election of our national officers.  On the chapter level, huge chunks of time and energy will be freed up for the chapter leadership by eliminating the need to elect delegates or to file proxy forms for compliance. These proposed changes will allow for better discussion and stronger leadership choices. Everyone’s vote will count.

As with all things NAWIC, your entire national board is available to you and your chapter. During this transition period, may we continue to support, encourage and grow; a measurable difference will be the result.  

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