Rosie’s Girls - Sponsored by Vermont Works for Women

The Rosie’s Girls® Summer Program is a three week camp for early adolescent girls that encourages participants to develop and strengthen their capacities and confidence and helps them expand their perception of the range of educational and career options that are attainable. Using a unique, holistic approach, Rosie’s Girls combines hands-on instruction in the skilled trades with a broad array of other activities explicitly designed to encourage girls to develop their own strength, power and confidence in an atmosphere that is fun, supportive, and positive.

The program runs at sites nationwide.  To find out more about participating in the program or to bringing it to your community, go to


Scholarship Opportunities

Scholarship opportunities compiled by the NAWIC office. 


Sisters in the Building Trades

The mission of the Sisters in the Building Trades is to expand a network of active women that will affirm building trades sisters as a positive and growing part of the construction workforce.


Small Business Administration Online Courses


Virginia Masonry Association

The Apprenticeship Program, at the Virginia Masonry Association, provides its students with the knowledge and experience that is fundamental for a career in masonry anywhere in the United States. Masonry offers pride in building a structure with your own hands that will stand the test of time.


Vocational Rehabilitation Center - Florida 

Florida, and most other states, has a Vocational Rehabilitation Center that will test women (and men) who are downsized or changing careers.  They offer career testing and programs to enable the person to enter a new career.


YWCA Girl Power