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October 2017


Region Directors report on NAWIC activities across the country.

Midwest Region | Vickie Nickel, CIT

How many remember the song “So Groovy” by artist Jocylyn Alice and Right the Stars?

I think it’s so groovy now
That people are finally getting together
I think it’s wonderful and how
That people are finally getting together

Another NAWIC year is upon us, which means that Fall Conferences are in full swing and chapters are busy planning their year. There is a lot to do to get a jump-start on the NAWIC year. There is new chapter leadership, sharing of accomplishments, speakers, workshops, reinforcing connections made at AMEC, opportunities for professional development, and chances to network. It’s “So Groovy” that people are getting together.

As part of the board installation ceremony at AMEC, president Catherine Schoenenberger asked each of the incoming board members to pick a song that represents our incoming year. My song is “Girl is on fire” by Alicia Keys. There’s a NAWIC passion in each of us. Do you agree? Are you on fire with the desire to create meaningful impact through chapter events?

  • Be the spark that will ignite transformation.
  • Help break the boundaries that hold women back.
  • Explore emerging direction. Think strategically. That will move your chapter forward.
  • Make bold decisions required to create the future for all women in construction.

North Central Region | Jenny Mangas

Wow. It’s hard to believe that my first year as director is almost over. It’s been a great journey so far and I’m really looking forward to my second year! The knowledge I have gained and the support from members on the local, regional, and national level has been more than I ever thought would be possible.

We had an awesome AMEC in California! It was an amazing week of networking and professional seminars. It has been a pleasure serving under Connie Leipard’s leadership. She had the vision and drive to take NAWIC to the next level and I know that Catherine is going to do the same. Thank you to everyone who made it a success, especially the staff, who put in countless hours planning the event.

As of Aug. 31, the North Central Region has 548 members. We only need 61 more!  We can do it! Renewals have been sent out. I hope you have renewed and are encouraging all members to renew.

Save the date:  Nov. 3-4, Louisville, Ky.
The Marriott Louisville East

Fall conference will be here before we know it! We are very excited to be having some top-notch professional speakers. Peggy Noel Stevens will be speaking on the “12 Traits of Powerful Women” and Brittany Young, Certified Celebrator, will be speaking on “Self-Branding.”  The registration deadline is Oct. 25, 2017. Registration is open and can be found on the region’s website at under the events tab.

Northeast Region | Doreen Bartoldus, P.E., CCM

I write this as I travel through western France. This is a reminder of how fortunate I have been to still enjoy what I have worked so hard for. In 2012 the Northeast was hit by superstorm Sandy. Emergency response, recovery and resilience, became the front and center action items and still are today. I lost power for about a week but luckily, nothing else. I had gone to our project site the day after the storm to find everything previously built completely washed away. It took several weeks to get the project back on track. One of my employees, who lived near the water, lost just about everything except for the shell of her home. Remnants of the storm linger, New York is still building back.

Now Our NAWIC sister regions have been hit hard this past month from hurricanes Harvey and Irma. We could only wait and pray for word of what we could do. Natacha Ricks of the Wilmington, Del. Chapter, as part of the Red Cross, became a part of the emergency response in Houston. As word came to us of what was needed, I am proud to say, many stepped up in our region to send donations via "go fund me" and gave hotel points, and so much more I am sure I do not know about. I do know that we need to stay tuned as the areas recover.

Eventually, as an industry we will all be called upon to recover and to build once again with resilience, in particular, in our coastal regions. Keeping this all in our hearts, as well as our heads, is what makes women key to enhancing the construction industry. At the risk of generalization, it is what we all bring to the table. We remain vigilant and ready for whatever else is required for a full recovery. We know we need to build stronger.

So, many of us have taken the education and empowerment from AMEC back home to members and non-members. We continue to grow. Chapters have all set their plans for the year and are installing new officers. The excitement and strength is palpable. I have been privileged to take part in some chapter board discussions and planning meetings and we are in for a great year! I can only hope this momentum is contagious ad helps all regions rebuild and grow.

To note, it was a privilege to join Sharon Adkins (Northeast region past director) on stage at AMEC and be able to present congratulations to Catherine Schoenenberger as she begins her year as national president! Many thanks to Carlie Biron and Kelsey holt (Boston); Carol O'Donnell (past director, Rhode Island); Leah Curran (Wilmington); Jenn Sproul (Baltimore), Paula Cantara (Granite State); Keith Schoenenberger; and Northeast attendees for making it all special for Catherine!

We put on our top siders Nov. 10-12, when the Northeast Region and guests will be “Smooth Sailing for Stronger Chapters” at our fall planning conference. Along with some local construction education, we will be focused on what chapters can do to stay “lean” (think lean construction) and strong. Also, we look forward to hosting Diane Mike, NAWIC national vice president!

We look forward to getting stronger, more resilient, and making a measurable difference!  See you soon.

Pacific Southwest | Elizabeth M. Teramoto, CIT

The leaves are changing and pumpkin spice is everywhere you look! But despite the dropping temperatures, the warmth of the summer still lingers, especially when thinking about AMEC 2017 and how fantastic it was to have all of NAWIC join us on the Golden Coast to experience the charm of Southern California. It was a true pleasure to be the host region and I cannot thank the Orange County, Calif. Chapter #91 enough for putting on the best beach party this Association has ever seen!

All around the county, regions are preparing for Fall Conference and the Pacific Southwest is no exception. This October, we will meet in Aurora, Colo. where the Metro Denver, Colo. Chapter #112 and Pikes Peak Chapter #356 will present a joint event that will explore “LEEDing the Way” to green living and a future filled with renewable resources. It is impossible to deny that we have not always taken the best care of our planet and with horrific storms and floods at one end of the country and wildfires at the other, it is clear that we need to act now. Speakers will include Brittany Evans of Clear Intentions Glass who will talk to us about the difficulties and benefits of recycling glass as well as Damon Carson, founder of repurposedMaterials, who has literally made a career of turning one man’s trash into another’s treasure.  We will also have a guided tour of the Stanley Marketplace, a repurposed hanger that now houses more than 50 locally owned restaurants and boutiques. Rumor also has it that there just might be an upcycled fashion show in the works, too. 

I hope to see you in Colorado!

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