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August 2017



Region Directors report on NAWIC activities across the country.

Pacific Northwest Region | Ruth Fritts

Now that the elections for chapter officers are over several of the chapters in the Pacific Northwest have held or are holding retreats for their incoming board members. Kudos to those chapters for taking the time to invest in their new officers. They will start the year off right. Spring/Summer has brought several golf tournaments as fundraisers. Other chapters are taking a couple of months off and will start back strong in September.

It has been a struggle this last month to get all the chapters to submit their Standing Rules after the change to Standing Rule #2, but I think we are close to having them all submitted. I would like to thank Robin Fulton Meyer for being diligent in making sure that all the Standing Rules are in conformance with national. I’d like to give a big thank you to the chapter presidents for getting the standing rules submitted and corrections made to those rules that did not conform.

The Greater East Bay, Calif. Chapter #30 has decided after another year of trying to rebuild their chapter to merge with the San Francisco, Calif. Chapter #19. They will have a special meeting in August to vote on the merger. The paperwork should be complete prior to the Oct. 1 renewal deadline. I am sure that the San Francisco Chapter will welcome them with open arms.

We currently have about 46 members registered to attend the Annual Meeting and Education Conference in Anaheim. We have 12 of the 15 chapters represented and are working on 100 percent representation for next year. I encourage all members to attend. If you cannot attend this year, than start planning for next year. The networking and education at this conference will help build your career. Don’t be afraid to invest in yourself; you are worth it.

I have had the pleasure of reviewing several of the new versions of the officer handbooks that will be coming out. These handbooks will be a help to those new officers and a great review for those that have been officers or board members previously. Be sure to pass these handbooks on to the new leaders when they become available. Mentoring our new chapter leaders is extremely important to their success and the success of the chapter.

This being my last article in the Connection, I would like to say it has been an honor to have been a part of the national board for the past two years. I have enjoyed working with the board members to try to make this the Association of choice for women in our industry. I wish the new board success in the coming year and I look forward to being an active member in my chapter and region.

South Atlantic Region | Lorie Lythgoe

Summer Leadership was held in Burlington, North Carolina on July 15. Training for our incoming leaders and future leaders came not only from the great information you can get off the NAWIC website, but from a round table of experience of seasoned members who shared their experiences and answered questions from the attendees. Director-Elect Kristey Stewart shared her visions for the future. She has many ideas and will keep this train moving. 

The South Atlantic Region continues to grow and retain our membership. Our growth comes not only in our numbers, but in each member’s own self-growth. We encourage and support each other to take on new roles, challenge ourselves to move forward and step out of the comfort zone. We have made changes to meet the needs of our members and will continue to attract the bright women in the construction industry.

It is hard to believe how quickly the past two years have gone by. I have learned so many things from some many wonderful women. The strength and support that comes from our membership is beyond words. Thank you for the opportunity to serve as your region director. May God bless you all.

South Central Region | Dena Rowland

Can you believe the NAWIC year is just about over? Chapters have held their elections for the 2017-2018 board; they have been busy reviewing Standing Rules; and they are planning their summer strategic plan workshops. I have always loved the strategic planning sessions. It means new beginnings and fresh ideas for a new year. I do hope that as our incoming boards are preparing for the upcoming year, that they pay close attention to their budgets. All chapters need to have a line item in the budget to allow for a minimum of one delegate to attend regional and national events. These events are to help you plan and succeed and for you to find out what is going on in the Association outside of your own chapter. 

On another note, I am honored to announce that the South Central Region has a new chapter. This chapter is the Oklahoma City, Okla. Chapter #383 that was chartered on July 14, 2017.  You must have 25 members to charter a chapter. These ladies are on a roll. They currently have 45 members and are still spreading the news of NAWIC in Oklahoma. I do hope that some of the members will be able to join us in Anaheim, so that they can really understand the power of NAWIC.

Speaking of Anaheim, are you registered for AMEC? The national board has put in long hours working to make sure that this event has something for everyone. The venue is beautiful and you are just minutes away from Disneyland®. It’s the perfect destination for a family for before or after the conference.

It has been an honor and a wonderful experience serving as the first South Central Region Director. Thank you, members, across the country who have called, emailed, texted and shown your support during my tenure. I look forward to seeing our Association continue to grow and support and encourage women in construction.

Southeast Region | Angelia McElroy, CIT

Wow, the year is just flying by and we will be in Anaheim very soon for my last AMEC as your Southeast Region Director.  I can honestly say it has been a whirlwind of education and opportunity to serve on the national board. 

Many changes have occurred as the organization continues to move in a direction dictated by you, the member. Your board initiated leadership-training workshops because they were listening to the members’ comments and filling a “need.”

I urge you to continue to speak up and volunteer to take action (by serving on a task force or as a national chair). NAWIC will thrive on those efforts, as we become the association for all women in construction.

I have heard many great comments about the national officers from members. “They are so much like us and very approachable,” and “I didn’t realize she was the President when she asked about my career aspirations!” These are great signs that your board really does want to know what you, the members, believe as they continue travelling to region events and gather the knowledge needed to keep the Association on track and proceeding in the direction required for our members. 

I look forward to more improvements to our Association as we start a new “era” with EVP Beth Brooks and say “Happy retirement” to EVP Dede Hughes!

Director-Elect Karen Hager has already started a good communication link with the region and I know she will continue to forge the region into a more cohesive group. Please give her your support and enthusiasm as she begins her two-year term as your director. 

I can’t resist touting the Southeast Region membership numbers one last time! In May, Southeast became number one in total membership across the U.S. and has managed to stay on top since with the Greater Orlando, Fla. Chapter being NAWIC’s largest chapter. As of July 24, our region membership was 596. So, can we top 600 for the year end?

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