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July 2017



Region Directors report on NAWIC activities across the country.

Midwest Region | Vickie Nickel, CIT

June 21st marked the first day of summer and the temperature is rising. Summer is a time for vacation, baseball, camping, and so much more. Here’s a taste of summertime activities that are going on in the NAWIC Midwest Region.

Let’s Go Camping. No tent or motorhome is required for this type of camping. Many chapters have sponsored or will be hosting events to challenge young girls and women to learn skills they have never considered while having fun. Camp NAWIC, MAGIC Camp, and Project Accelerate are just a few “camps” available not only in the Midwest Region, but across the NAWIC country. These camps are designed to facilitate success and give campers a clear understanding of the necessary skill-sets required in the construction industry. Campers get hands-on opportunities to learn the basics of safety, carpentry, electrical, painting, plumbing, concrete, welding, and more, plus a jobsite tour. Camp pictures are being posted to chapters, region, and members’ Facebook pages. Please share so we, as women in construction, can promote the opportunities of non-traditional career paths offered to women. Where was this camp when I was in high school?

Fore! Google “NAWIC Golf Tournaments 2017” and BAM! Chapters are busy hosting golf tournaments to support education programs and construction scholarships. The amount of money NAWIC chapters are raising is astounding. The Greater Kansas City, Mo. Chapter hosted its 41st Annual Scholarship Golf Tournament on June 12, which raised more than $20,000! I’m wishing all chapters a “hole-in-one” kind of tournament.

Take Me Out to the Ballgame. Several chapters are hosting fun networking events like the Fargo-Moorhead, N.D. Chapter’s Family Fun Night at the ballgame to “Strike Out Cancer.”

It’s not a ballgame, but the Chicago, Ill. Metro Chapter hosted a networking event to get the summer started. It was called Beer, Bacon, and Mingling.

Roadtrip! There nothing better than a road trip with family and friends. NAWIC’s 62nd Annual Meeting and Education Conference in sunny Anaheim, Calif. is the perfect opportunity to enjoy time away from the office, build your network and build professional leadership skills. The lineup of speakers is sure to inspire and motivate us while making a positive impact on all attendees. Go out a few days early and enjoy a wine tasting in scenic Temecula with fellow NAWIC members or take the family to Universal Studios or Disneyland. AMEC is where you should be in August!

Whatever the temperature is where you are, keep your NAWIC meetings, activities and events “hot” or as I like to say, “On fire for NAWIC!” I’m looking forward to meeting you in Anaheim!

North Central Region | Jenny Mangas

There is a lot happening this month for NAWIC! National voting has ended and chapter voting has begun. Hopefully, you have had your chapter elections and have some exciting new leaders in the mix.

I encourage each of you to be a mentor to someone in your chapter. Wouldn’t that have helped you when you first joined? I had tons of mentors from my chapter and they guided me through my journey. We have a mentor program in my own chapter and we meet once a month for lunch or coffee. It’s nice to get to know your members better and tell them about your NAWIC journey. I was the shy kid at my first meeting and look at me today!

Congratulations to the newly elected national officers. I look forward to serving with everyone on the board next year along with the newly elected regional directors. The new directors have some big shoes to fill. I truly enjoyed getting to know Ruth, Lori, Dena and Angie! They will be missed.

Our membership is a solid 503 members as of May 31. Keep up the hard work and recruiting efforts! Let’s keep NAWIC strong and constantly growing!

Fall conference will be here before we know it! Save the date of Nov. 3-4 in Louisville, Ky., at the Marriott Louisville East. More information will follow!

I hope to see everyone in Anaheim for AMEC. Registration is open, so make sure to attend this awesome conference. There are some great speakers scheduled. And of course, who wouldn’t want a chance to see Mickey Mouse or Goofy!

Northeast Region | Doreen Bartoldus, P.E., CCM

Spring Forum with Boston Strong was amazing! We had 16 first timers and one highlight was a speed networking event run by our Young Professional Committee members.

We honored Dede Hughes with a parade of appreciation. Dede was gifted (or weighed down) with something from each of our 15 chapters. Thank you again for being with us, Ms. Dede Hughes!

We also honored our Northeast Member of the Year, Carol O’Donnell. Her commitment to NAWIC and the Construction industry is unmatched. Carol is a mentor to young woman, a trailblazer in her local industry, and a leader in NAWIC.

Our regional Excellence in Safety Award went to Bancroft Construction Company. They have been a long-time supporter of NAWIC in Wilmington, Del. and we are proud that they have now received these accolades for their focus on the well being of their employees.

The regional CAD design award winner again came from our Greater New York/Long Island Chapter—a senior at CTEA High School. Rochelle Behar has been the chair of this event every year and this year Ingrid Sletten and Rochelle added more power by partnering with the Queens Chapter of the AIA who sponsored, judged and participated in the high school’s career day along with the Greater New York/Long Island Chapter. It was an all-around success!

To top all that off, the Greater Worcester, Mass. Chapter, under the guidance of Jessica Murphy, collected donations of children’s construction story books at spring Forum. She collected more than 60 books and she has been posting about the schools where they are being donated in NAWIC’s name! The kids look thrilled in her photos and what a great way to encourage more young minds to think about a career in construction!

The Philadelphia, Penn. Chapter celebrated 50 years in May. President-Elect Catherine Schoenenberger, as part of her whirlwind tour around the Northeast, was in attendance. To top off their celebration, chartering member Eileen Franzosa was in attendance and was honored for her 50 years with NAWIC as well! Catherine’s next stop was the Boston, Mass. Chapter’s first Construction Educational Summit!

This director had a brunch with Joan Mehos and Harriet Bilofsky to make sure they received their 40- and 35-year pins (that was my excuse anyway) . Joan is a past director and past national president. Oh the stories they can tell of past NAWIC exploits!

Catherine Schoenenberger and I were both able to Join the Rhode Island Chapter in honoring Pamela House for her 25 years with NAWIC. We also honored Carol O’Donnell once again. Their fellow members, their families and the Rhode Island Builders Association were in attendance.

All chapters are voting on new slates of officers. I was privileged to sit in on the Greater New York/Long Island business meeting recently. New members are stepping up and joining the board. I know this is going on in many chapters and is a testament to all our leaders staying consistent with their chapters!

To our new national executive committee—congratulations! Congratulations to our incoming national president Catherine Schoenenberger. The Northeast is on fire #catherinedoescali.

And to add to our Northeast pride, the Greater Washington, D.C. Chapter’s president, Romina Byrd, has been named NAWIC’s Future Leader of the year for 2017! D.C. has been growing under Romina’s gentle, but firm leadership and this award is well deserved!

This has been a growing year, for me personally, for those serving around me, and for all of the Northeast women of NAWIC. Connie Leipard and the national board’s support has been palpable and I look forward to moving into our next NAWIC year!

Pacific Southwest | Elizabeth M. Teramoto, CIT

Woo goodness, did someone leave the heat on? It sure is getting hot here in the Pacific Southwest! Perhaps it’s because, to borrow a phrase from Midwest Region Director Vickie Nickle, we are on fire for NAWIC! We kicked off spring with Forum in Tucson, Ariz. at the beautiful Westward Look Wyndham Resort and Spa. It was the perfect setting with big saguaro cactus, dramatic scenery and active wildlife that one imagines populating a traditional Western desert. Our speakers included Sandy Geroux of WOWplace International, who reminded us that we spend far too many hours in the workplace to make each one count. We also heard from Tucson member T. VanHook, CEO of Habitat for Humanity Tucson, who jumped right in when a scheduled speaker had to make an emergency cancellation.

On a personal level, I enjoy attending region meetings not just to get my NAWIC fix, but because it also allows me to meet so many of the dynamic women who make up our membership. And speaking of attending meetings, the next big one to be held in the Pacific Southwest will be on a slightly larger scale as NAWIC’s Annual Meeting and Education Conference (AMEC) comes to Anaheim, Calif. I am so looking forward to welcoming you to my home territory and hope that you plan to attend. The speakers and seminars have been especially chosen to help move NAWIC into the future. Being on the national board and knowing the vision that our leadership has for this Association and its members is awe inspiring. I hope you will attend AMEC to learn more about what the board has in store.


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