2018 Speakers


Here are just a few of the speakers that will be presenting at the 2018 Annual.  Please refer to the schedule for times and meeting rooms.


Peggy Newquist - NEF Certification Course - Estimating and Scheduling Practitioner

A step by step approach is provided in preparing project schedules utilizing the critical path method and precedence schedules. The importance of schedule adjustments is discussed to provide realistic and valid information for decision making. The comprehensive analysis of scheduling provides the reader with an understanding of the optimal work sequence and the impact of deviations on the work schedule and ultimately on the project’s cost.



Kathi Dobson - Safety’s Impact on Women in the Construction Industry – From PPE to Harassment and Bullying: How these Affect Recruiting and Retaining Women (and what’s OSHA doing about it)

PPE that doesn’t fit, and isn’t available – lousy sanitation facilities and underlying issues of harassment all affect how inclusive the construction industry is to women. OSHA’s National Alliance is working to draw attention to these concerns and to make positive changes for all women. Join Kathi Dobson, Alliance co-chair, as she offers a review of these real-life challenges for women in construction as NAWIC works to align these issues within OSHA’s emphasis programs.



Frank Vitale and Laurel Hall - Sinkholes and Why They Happen

A gigantic hole opening up under/near our most expensive investment: our home. We've all seen sinkholes in the news, but do we understand them? How and why do they happen? Is my home at risk? How do I know if I have a sinkhole? Can my home be repaired? Inquiring minds will receive answers to these questions and more.



​Ann Hickman, CPCU, CRIS, ARM - Managing Risk to Maximize Margins

Construction margins are notoriously thin, leaving little room for unexpected costs. By proactively pursuing a risk management strategy, risk can be identified and managed so that when the worst case happens, the project and the company can withstand the impact. In this session, learn the basic tools for identifying and managing the project risks that keep you up at night as well as those lurking in the shadows.



Angela Highland, CIT - You are Capable of Amazing Things: An Interactive Lesson in Time Management

Using a creative and interactive method, we will assess your current schedule, identify your priorities and create a plan so you can organize, track and achieve your daily responsibilities. We are going to modernize the traditional “to-do list”, get focused on what’s truly important and build new habit muscles to achieve thoughtful and actionable steps necessary to lead a success “full” life!



Linda Swindling, JD, CSP - Keynote Luncheon – When It Helps to be a Smart Ask

The strongest friendships, top sales teams, and most successful businesses have one thing in common – courageous people who feel the fear and still ask for what they want. Back by popular demand, Linda Swindling will reveal how to overcome the top tricks and tactics designed to throw you off during a negotiation. You will discover how people like to be asked and implement the strategies for getting top results. Find out how to use your own communication biases to stay calm under pressure and stop holding yourself back. Asking for what you want doesn’t require you to make an obnoxious “ask” out of yourself. Instead, it’s time to become a Smart Ask.

Walk, Talk and Negotiate for High Stakes Results

What would be possible if you could master the art of deal making and high stakes communication? Linda shares negotiation strategies learned as a partner of a law firm and in her extensive work with CEOs. Whether you want to positively influence decision makers at work, negotiate significant business deals or powerfully persuade stakeholders, this program will help you improve your outcomes when the results matter.



Lillian C. Moon, Akerman LLP - Battling Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: Employee Rights and Employer Responsibilities

With the various allegations in Hollywood and other industries of sexual harassment claims as virtually daily front page news, the definitions of illegal harassment have become unclear and concerns about addressing and preventing sexual harassment in the workplace have more than ever become a top concern for employees and employers alike. Presentation attendees will gain an understanding of the legal definition of sexual harassment, employee rights under the law, employer responsibilities, and best practices for addressing and preventing sexual harassment in the workplace.



Jim Bouchard - 8 Strategies for Aspiring Leaders

A highly interactive session focusing on the ever changing circumstances and conditions you face as an emerging leader in the construction industry. Realize your potential and become a leader in your organization, and in your community. You'll leave with actionable strategies and tactics you can put to work - TODAY!



Leasa Geelings - Introduction to Emotional Intelligence

Any career professional, regardless of position or time in the workforce, can develop their “non-technical” skills. These skills, sometimes referred to as people skills, are also known as “Emotional Intelligence.” In this module, learners will gain knowledge of the domains of emotional intelligence, understand how emotional intelligence can build their career, evaluate their own EQ traits, and develop an action plan to strengthen one or two of their traits.



Jan Spence Setting Boundaries3 Keys for Handling Difficult People

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we lived in a world where everyone gets along and does what they are supposed to do, when they are supposed to do it, and the way WE want it done? Unfortunately, that is rarely a reality in today's dynamic, fast-paced world. Vendors who over-promise and under-deliver, clients that won’t return phone calls, and colleagues that don’t follow through can leave even the most patient person disappointed and frustrated. In this high-impact, interactive session, Jan Spence will share actionable tools attendees can use to set boundaries, maintain a more positive outlook, and ultimately be more productive when faced with challenging individuals.



Laurie Soleim - The Rise of Drones in Construction

This workshop will cover different types of drone work being done in construction. It will break down the information needed to decide whether companies should outsource or keep in house. Models of drones will be available to see different sizes and types of drones being used.



Nancy McCabe, CPPC - START TALKING – Connect with Introverts & Extroverts, Everywhere

Personalities of 100s of people you interact with every day are mysteries to be solved! Create your personal Start Talking playbook in this workshop!



Barb Allen, LEED AP - Succeeding in a Male Dominated Industry

A major key to succeeding in a male dominated industry is finding your leadership voice. To find your leadership voice you have to learn and understand the difference between male and female conversation styles, create a diverse network, promote yourself and your career path, and Adapt! Barb will lead you through her journey to success sharing the lessons she learned as she found her leadership voice.



Doreen Bartoldus, PE, CCM, LEED GA, ENV SP - The Art of Construction Management

Project Delivery Methods will be shown and how they influence Construction Management Projects and Risk. Overview of the different types of Project Delivery utilizing case studies and how these methods affect how you do your job. Presentation will include a conversation on project controls and what “art” is required for successful project / construction management.



Following your Passion for the TradesKayleen McCabe – Former Host of the DIY Network Series “Rescue Renovation”

Kayleen McCabe’s passion for the trades was put to the test on Rescue Renovation, the DIY Network series she hosted for five seasons. Today, this licensed contractor, sought-after speaker, and the 2009 winner of DIY’s Stud Finder competition funnels her know-how and innovative spirit toward a more pressing need than outdated wall paneling: Vocational advocacy and awareness. Her non-profit, The McCabe Foundation, tightens America’s skills gap by encouraging young men and women alike to consider careers in our nation’s most undervalued, unfilled, sector: The trades. Kayleen will share her story and how important it is to follow your passion in order to make a measureable difference in the Construction Industry.

Onalee Finio, PE - Silica Dust - OSHA Regulations & Solutions - Sponsored by Hilti

The new OSHA respirable crystalline silica dust regulation offers several options for compliance, and Hilti wants to help you understand what has changed.



Panelist: Lorrin Blair, Plangrid, Steffanie Schrader, Barton Malow, Emily Wohlfarth, Dr. Mittie Cannon, Carol Guerrero, Craig Pintoff, Lisa Mingoia.

Moderators: Kassy Morris, Silvia Siqueira.