Upcoming Webinars

TITLE/SUBJECT: Sexual Harassment
HOST/SPEAKER: Attorney Amanda Baer
DAY/DATE/TIME (zone): Thursday, Feb.15, 2018, 12PM EST
TARGET: All Members
SYNOPSIS: With the public downfall of many prominent men, sexual harassment is a hot topic. Attorney Amanda Baer will define sexual harassment for attendees and teach best practices for companies who want to prevent it and protect themselves.
DIAL-IN NUMBER: 515-739-1020 access code: 867648
ONLINE MEETING INFORMATION: join.freeconferencecall.com/pdenawic

TITLE/SUBJECT: Work Zone Safety: For Workers and All Road Users
HOST/SPEAKER: Catherine Schoenenberger, President of Stay Safe Traffic Products, Inc & NAWIC National President
DAY/DATE/TIME (zone): Tuesday, April 10, 2018, 12PM EST
TARGET: All Members
SYNOPSIS: National Work Zone Awareness Week is April 9-13! Everyone drives through work zones and some of us even work in them, so the Safety & Health Committee is collaborating with the U.S. Transportation Committee to bring you a work zone safety overview. Join us for this webinar to learn about the safety measures and rules you can take to keep everyone safe in work zones.
DIAL-IN NUMBER: 641-715-0700 access code: 343411
ONLINE MEETING INFORMATION: join.freeconferencecall.com/safetynawic
PRESENTED BY: Safety & Health Committee / U.S. Transportation Committee


(Dates listed are the dates the webinars were uploaded to YouTube.)

Professional Development

PDE Changes to AIA Construction Contracts (11.13.17)

NAWIC OSHA Alliance (11.13.17)

Marketing Membership Focusing on the Professional YOU (11.13.17)

PDE Negotiating A Woman's Perspective  (11.2.17)

5 Steps to Bust Through Procrastination (9.21.17)          

Safety Training Zone Webinar: OSHA’s Silica Rule Update (7.19.17)

NAWIC PD&E Committee Webinar: Be a SKILLED Communicator! (5.24.17)

NAWIC PD & E Webinar - 04/27/17: DEFINE, DESIGN & DELIVER SUCCESS (5.9.17)

Membership/PR & Marketing May 2017 Webinar: Corporate Sponsorships (5.9.17)

Achievement Now! - Tyler Enslin (4.18.17)

Webinar: OSHA Recordkeeping & Updates (2.22.17)

NAWIC PD & E Webinar: 8 Strategies for Effective Leaders by Jim Bouchard (2.9.17)

Leadership Zone: Active Listening Skills (1.23.17)

Chapter & Committee

WIC Week WIC Week Update  (11/2/17)

Membership PR Marketing AMEC Touchback Your roll as a Regional Chair  (11.2.17)

Leadership Training Zone Bylaws vs Standing Rules vs Policies and Procedures (11.2.17)

Leadership Training Zone - Committee Chair Roles and Responsibilities  (11.2.17)

Leadership Training Zone: Mentoring Future Chapter Leadership  (7.4.17)

Membership/PR & Marketing Committee Webinar: June 2017 (7.4.17)

Leadership Training Zone - The Legal Relationship Between NAWIC National and Chapters (5.24.17)

NAWIC Leadership Training Series: Chapter Effectiveness (4.26.17)

Leadership Training Series - F.O.R.M.S (3.30.17)

Membership /PR & Marketing Webinar - March 2017 (3.27.17)

Membership /PR & Marketing Webinar - February 2017 (3.27.17)

Membership /PR & Marketing Webinar - January 2017 (3.27.17)

Membership/PR & Marketing Webinar 010517 (1.9.17)

Chapter Treasurer: Duties and Record Keeping (12.1.16)

The Do's and Don'ts of Meeting Minutes (11.21.16)

NAWIC PR/Marketing Webinar 11/3/16 (11.7.16)

NAWIC Member/PR & Marketing Webinar 10/6/16 (10.11.16)

Conducting an Audit (10.5.16)