2017-2018 Officer Candidates Guide

Plan on exercising your right to vote by participating in NAWIC’s one-member, one-vote election! Members processed and classified as “Active,” “Corporate” and “Member-at-Large” as of May 1 are eligible to vote. Each voting member will receive voting information from AssociationVoting.com by email. Please check your spam/junk mail. Eligible voting members without an email address or who have chosen mail as their preferred communication in their NAWIC profile will be mailed a ballot. Ballots will be sent no later than May 15. Online voting will be held May 15-31.

Please make sure your contact information in the NAWIC Database is accurate. Ballots returned to the NAWIC Office will not be forwarded. To update your information, visit www.nawic.org/assnfe/me.asp?MODE=EDIT.  

Ask the candidates your questions here: bulletinboard.nawic.org

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