Board Votes on Proposed NAWIC Bylaws changes


On December 20, the Board of Directors approved two proposed changes to the NAWIC bylaws. In addition, they approved a change to Chapter bylaws regarding the minimum number of board meetings that a chapter shall have from ten to six per year.

The national bylaws changes concern the elimination of delegates at the NAWIC Annual Conference. The second change addresses the election of Region Directors.

Eliminating Delegates at the Annual Conference

Chapters will no longer elect delegates to vote on their behalf at the Annual Conference. Instead, all Active members, Corporate members and Members-At-Large will be eligible to cast a full vote, if a vote is needed at the annual conference.

Election of Regional Directors

NAWIC region directors will be elected online, by electronic ballot, at the same time members vote for national officers, all on one ballot. All Active members, Corporate members and Members-At-Large in the region are eligible to vote.

More detailed information will be sent to Chapter Presidents in early 2018.