How NAWIC is working to reach the next generation of female leaders in construction



The National Association of Women in Construction was created to lend support to women throughout the construction industry. The growing movement of highlighting the presence – and the unique needs – of women in the construction industry gave the association enough attention to attract many female leaders in construction to become members. And with such an emphasis on the sisterhood within the industry, NAWIC has been able to focus on another mission as well: inspiring the next generation of female leaders in construction.

From sponsorships, educational resources, leadership training, conferences, and a nation-wide presence, here are some of the ways that NAWIC is creating opportunities for a new generation of female leaders in construction.

Highlighting female leaders in construction at events held by NAWIC
Every year, NAWIC holds several events aimed at bringing female leaders in construction together. These events foster new connections between women in different sectors of the construction industry, from all walks of life, and of varying job positions. These events are open to both members and non-members and attended by women across all of our 115+ chapters, giving women the opportunity to learn more about the experiences of construction women in different cities as well.

Women in Construction Week™, better known as WIC Week™, is a week-long celebration of females within the construction industry. NAWIC founded the celebratory week in September of 1998. Since its conception, WIC Week has become a beloved annual tradition recognized across the industry for all women in construction, including non-members. In previous years, individual chapters have hosted speakers such as prominent female leaders in construction, educational seminars on safety practices, member trivia events, happy hours, and more. WIC Week is all about continuing to inspire girls and women to become the female leaders in construction that the industry needs as well as providing a space for sisterhood and connection.

NAWIC’s Annual Conference, held every August, is another event that aims at inspiring future female leaders in construction. This year’s event will be held in Charlotte, North Carolina running from August 11th – August 14th, 2021. This a great way for women to learn from each other’s experiences and connect with female leaders in construction they may otherwise not have the chance to meet. Of course, due to COVID-19 precautions, those unable to attend in-person will still have the opportunity to take part in the conference virtually. Additionally, while this event is held by NAWIC, non-members and male colleagues are encouraged to attend as well. Everyone in the industry can take something away from the Annual Conference, whether it be a new information and perspectives or just a new connection with other industry members. For more information on tickets and lodging, interested attendees can find resources on our website.

Educational resources for the next generation of female leaders in construction
One of the most direct ways NAWIC works to inspire the next generation of female leaders in construction is through our scholarship and educational opportunities. Our website provides several resources that a variety of industry individuals can take advantage of.

NAWIC also sponsors its own opportunity for young women hoping to become future female leaders in construction called the NAWIC Founders Scholarship Program. This scholarship awards over $100,000 to recipients annually, and reaches students pursuing an education in the trades, project management, legal studies, business ownership, and more. A long-standing initiative within NAWIC, the first Founders Scholarship was awarded in 1963.

In addition to scholarships, NAWIC provides learning opportunities for those working towards become female leaders in construction through the NAWIC Education Foundation. This program includes resources such as educational courses, certifications, and more.

How to learn more about NAWIC’s mission to reach the next generation of female leaders in construction
The National Association of Women in Construction has over 115 chapters across the United States. With membership open to all women in the industry, NAWIC is able to connect members with female leaders in construction, educational materials, and training resources to help them gain confidence in their abilities and develop more leadership skills. Anyone interested in joining NAWIC can apply for membership by using either the online form or downloadable application to fill out and mail in - both of which are available on the NAWIC website. There are also several membership options available for flexible pricing and membership terms. To learn more about our work to unite women in the industry and inspire future female leaders in construction through membership with NAWIC, contact us through our social media pages, our website, or use our “find a NAWIC chapter near you” tool.

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