Five Publications Construction Women Should be Reading


Keeping up with the latest news in their respective industries is something all successful leaders do. And when it comes to the construction industry, there are plenty of great publications to choose from. For construction women, however, there are several of these publications and blogs that pay close attention to topics that resonate specifically with female workers. From candid communities to polished magazines, these are just some of the publications that construction women should keep a pulse on.
This progressive publication is dedicated to construction women and their unique stories. With a tongue-in-cheek name like “Move Over Bob,” the majority of the content features women within their fields showing the industry that women not only have a place in construction but are moving it towards the future. The site not only features blogs highlighting industry topics, but shared curated content showcasing women who are making a name for themselves, where to get the best gear, as well as guest blogs to inspire a more collaborative environment. Branded as a “space all our own,” the site also offers a newsletter and a community of social media channels for even more content.

Engineering News Record (ENR)
A more traditional approach to covering the industry, Engineering News Record is one of the largest publications related to construction and trade news coverage. Their vast amount of content includes trends, design firm and construction company firms, information to help professionals in their career growth, and much more. ENR also serves to connect readers with other construction thought leaders and professionals. Construction women throughout the industry can find everything they need on this site to stay up to date with current news not only within their respective industries, but within their specific region of work as well. This is a must-read for all industry professionals – male or female.

Construction Dive
Another popular construction publication is Construction Dive. Similar to ENR, Construction Dive covers the industry as a whole while also focusing on niche topics to help inspire construction women and men. An annual occurrence, Construction Dive is currently featuring their 2020 Dive Awards that highlight leaders and events throughout the industry. Some of the honors include Company of the Year, People of the Year – being awarded this year to all of the essential construction workers working through COVID-19 – and Innovator of the Year. This publication not only reports on breaking news and trends but also features an opinion section for thought leaders to share their insights on popular topics as well.

Bonus: NAWIC Newsletter
We may be a little biased, but, one great way to keep up with construction women in the industry and the latest news is to read the NAWIC newsletter! Available to members, our newsletter, which is just one of the publications we offer, features upcoming NAWIC events, industry-related trends to look out for, as well as other important announcements. NAWIC membership is open to all construction women and the content we share reflects a diverse range of fields within the industry. If you aren't currently signed up for our newsletter, contact your chapter leader or reach out to us today.

Working as a voice for construction women across the industry, The National Association of Women in Construction offers membership to any woman working in a construction related field or trade. NAWIC focuses on equality and inclusiveness in the hopes of inspiring the industry as a whole and supporting construction women. NAWIC members enjoy direct access to industry news, career-building events, and a space to connect with likeminded women. Several membership opportunities are available for interested construction women, as well as a convenient online application or the option to download one to fill out and mail in.

The National Association of Women in Construction now has over 117 local chapters across the United States, which makes it very easy for female builders to connect with our network of professionals. Membership is open to all construction women and NAWIC is able to provide members with amazing resources to help them gain confidence in their abilities and develop more leadership skills. Any female builders interested in becoming a NAWIC member can apply for membership by using either the online form or downloadable application to fill out and mail in - both of which are available on the NAWIC website. There are also several membership options available with flexible pricing and membership terms. To learn more about the female builders and powerful construction women involved in NAWIC or if you have any questions about membership, contact us through our social media pages.