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64th NAWIC Annual Conference!


Start planning to attend the 2019 NAWIC Annual Conference in Atlanta, GA. This year is one you will not want to miss!

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The four-and-a-half day conference is designed for all women in construction, members and non-members alike. 


Two Powerful Keynote Speakers


 MJ Thursday Keynote Luncheon:

Be the Change - Major MJ Hegar

Major MJ Hegar reveals how to be a catalyst for change on a large scale, be it in your career, at home, or on a national or global level. When someone tells you that something cannot be done, she says, the only way to prove them wrong is to do what they believe to be impossible. Her heroic actions in Afghanistan—when she was shot down on a Medevac mission and was pivotal in rescuing her crew and patients, and became the second woman in history to earn a Distinguished Flying Cross with Valor Device—changed the perception of women in the military. And, her historic lawsuit against the Secretary of Defense opened the door for women to participate in ground combat, a significant step forward for equal rights for women in the military. How did she do it? And what can we learn from her experiences? A magnetic speaker, she combines harrowing war stories and powerful lessons on social change with practical advice on leadership, diversity, teamwork, and motivation.


  Saturday Keynote Closing Brunch:

You Hold the Power - Judaline Cassidy

Judaline was one of the very first women accepted into Plumbers Local Union 371 Staten Island New York, and the first woman elected on the Examining Board of Plumbers Local Union No One. With her guidance, fortitude, and determination she ushered in the first Women’s Committee within her Union of which she’s the President. She serves on the Advisory Board for the Women’s Building NYC. The change that is required and necessary for women in our industry to grow and succeed already exists. Are you ready to activate the power that’s already in your hands? You will not want to miss our Closing Keynote Brunch Speaker, Judaline Cassidy. She will share her story and how you, too, hold the power to your success!!


Brief Description of Activities and Sessions:

Tuesday, August 20

NEF Construction Document Technician (CDT) Course & Testing
CDT program including exam, textbook, webinar and preparatory session prior to Annual Conference. (Must pre-register)

Wednesday, August 21

NAWIC Chapter Leadership Training
Stepping into the top chapter leadership role can be daunting. This session will help ensure that you understand your role and responsibilities, NAWIC policies, and legal and financial responsibilities. (Must pre-register)

Thursday, August 22

NAWIC Annual Meeting
Join us as we kick off the Annual Conference with an annual report on the latest news and updates from NAWIC.

Engaging New Volunteers
• Stevie Dawn Blakely

Volunteers are the life-blood of many organizations, however, they are not always easy to find. Learn how to reach new volunteers, engage them with excitement, and empower them to contribute to the goal in this session. 

Tactical Confrontation for a Safer Workplace 
• Gary Sheely

Managers, supervisors, foremen, and crew leaders — anyone responsible for getting the work done safely — engage in confrontational situations every day as part of their work. These situations don’t have to be tense or awkward. 
This presentation explores the reasons why conversations that should be no big deal escalate into time-wasting conflicts and how to avoid them.

Shaping Safety Culture - brought to you by Georgia Power
• Kate Nichols, Corporate Safety & Industrial Hygiene Manager
• Molly Schaefer, Corporate Safety Supervisor
• Lynn Huckabey, Human Performance Coordinator

Working safely is a shared core value of the company that guides decision making and actions in everything we do. This workshop will  focus on how you can impact the safety culture of your organization and develop yourself and others as a safety leader. 

How We Build
• Doreen Bartoldus, PE, CCM, LEED GA, ENV SP

Project Controls and the Project Management process. An overview of the processes that make up a project management plan. How its implemented. Discuss how to interface in different roles in construction on moving projects forward to success. Are we experts or generalists.

Diversity Matters
• Judaline Cassidy

Diversity and Inclusion are extremely necessary in order for us, as women, to succeed and thrive together as a community. Join in on this conversation to understand all of the reasons why Diversity Matters.

What it Takes to Become a NAWIC Leader
• NAWIC Past National Presidents Panel

Join an interactive panel discussion with some of NAWIC’s esteemed Past National Presidents. You will learn about rising through the ranks to become a leader, overcoming obstacles and celebrating triumphs along the way.

Safety’s Competitive Advantage and the Value of Safety and Health Certification in Construction
• Joshua Franklin

Compliance with state and federal regulations is the absolute minimum and does not ensure the safety and health of workers. Safety and health, in today’s dynamic construction industry, must no longer be defined as the absence of harm and death. But how do you turn safety into competitive advantage and what place do safety and health certifications play in building value, trust, and credibility in construction? This presentation includes practical tips on advancing safety and health in your organization as well as personal stories from NAWIC members on their certification journeys.

Friday, August 23 Sessions:

Women's Initiative Panel

  • Silvia Siqueira, Hilti North Amercia - Moderator
  • Susana Rea, Hilti North America
  • Stacy Irons, United Rentals
  • Yeshim Jones, Turner Construction
  • Kaitlin Avra, Skanska
  • Cheryl Speers, Barton Malow


Say What? Get Your Boss to Listen to You!
• Lisa Fey

Lisa draws from her career of working with high-level male executives in a corporate culture to humorously deliver tips from above the glass ceiling.  She teaches the techniques of improv to leave you equipped with the power (for good- not evil) to manage your manager to higher career success. 

Exploring Implicit Bias in the Workplace
• Peggy Newquist, CIT, ESP

We all hold biases as a result of our life experiences. Learn how to recognize implicit gender bias and explore practical strategies to mitigate the effects on your career.

Construction of the Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge
• Jamey Barbas, PE

The new Governor Mario M. Cuomo bridge project is the largest bridge transportation design-build project to date in the United States and the largest single construction contract in New York State history. This presentation will provide a project overview and cover construction activities with emphasis on precast concrete elements, as well as the in-situ concrete elements and pre-assembled steel framing.

Risk Management & NAWIC: How to Protect Your Chapter & Your Pocket Book
• Allison Hill, CPCU, CRIS
• Sharon Scharf

What if you were forced to cut a check from your personal bank account because of a lawsuit resulting from your actions as a NAWIC director? Come learn why serving on a board of directors creates exposure for you and your chapter and what steps can be taken to transfer that risk.

Cyber Liability
• Nick Graf, ARM, CISSP, CEH

Businesses increasingly rely on their computer networks to store confidential business and customer information, automate manufacturing and customer interaction, and manage supply chain relationships with customers and vendors. This increased dependence on computer networks, along with a growing body of state and federal statutes governing data privacy, has created additional risks that businesses need to manage.

Enhancing Cultural Blueprint by Creating Inclusive and Supportive Workspaces for Women

  • Rosalia Cunningham, Hilti North America, Chief Spirit Sherpa



Saturday, August 24 Sessions:

Secrets to Successful Chapter Meetings
• Debbie Lesar,CIT - NAWIC PNP
• Robin Fulton-Meyer, CBT, CIT - NAWIC PNP

The purpose of this workshop is to illustrate key points regarding best meeting practices and parliamentary procedures for conducting effective NAWIC Chapter Board meetings. 

How to Identify and Improve Your Conflict Management Style
• Angela Highland, CIT, CPC

People are bolder, opinions are stronger and everyone seems to have something to say.  Learn about the 5 conflict styles and understand how your type works with another in times of adversity.  

Enhancing Cultural Blueprint by Creating Inclusive and Supportive Workspaces for Women

  • Rosalia Cunningham Hilti North America





NAWIC Atlanta Outing

August 20th
@ 7:20 p.m. EST

Please join the National Association of Women in Construction of Atlanta for fun night out at Sun Trust Park as we watch the Braves take on the Miami Marlins! Best part of all, join us as a group prior to the game as we will be parading around the field for group recognition!

Please arrive no later than 6:00 pm at the 3rd Base Ramp inside the stadium between section 133 and 135 in order to participate in the parade. Late arrivals will unfortunately not be granted access beyond 6:00 pm.

Be sure to wear your NAWIC, red, or baseball attire!

Get your discount tickets here. Tickets are $25 each.