The Best Ways to Get Around Minneapolis

The best way to get around downtown Minneapolis is on foot, so take to the streets! The downtown area is especially easy to navigate. The hotel has convenient walking maps available at the front desk.
-Bike Share
Nice Ride has over 1,800 bikes available 24/7 from 200+ locations in Minneapolis and St. Paul. Get on a bike at any station and return it anywhere in the system.
-Ride Share
Uber and Lyft are active in the city. We ask that you do not arrange your ride share until you are at lobby level.
-Metro Transit Bus
Metro Free Ride bus currently picks up on the corner of W. Grant and Nicollet Mall, providing transportation with stops up to Hennepin & Washington. Bus map available HERE
-Metro Transit Light Rail
 The closest rail station is located on Nicollet Mall and 5th Avenue. Light rail map available HERE
Cabs in MN are independent operators and readily available. The cab stand is conveniently located across the street from the hotel, or the Doorman can summon a cab for you.
-Black Car Service
For personal and direct service to anywhere in the city, please speak with a Doorman at the hotel and they will make the reservation for you.

Getting to Hyatt Regency - Minneapolis from the Minneapolis-St Paul Airport

 -Lyft/Uber, Rideshare Apps
A popular option and one that will drop off exactly where you need to be. MSP airport has designated areas for Rideshare pick-up points. The app you are using will give you directions on how to find your ride, but we have a few tips if you decide this is your preferred way to get downtown:

Terminal 1 Pick-up Point: In the airport, follow signs for baggage claim/ground transportation. Once at baggage claim level, follow signs for “app-based ride service" (go down one level and continue to follow signs). This will lead to you to Level 2 of the Green Parking Ramp. You can be picked up at either Zone A or Zone B. *Note: These are right next to each other, just different door entrances. Find Terminal 1 map HERE

Terminal 2 Pick-up Point: In the airport, follow signs to arrivals level, then look for the app-based ride services signs. Pick-up will be across the street at the Ground Transport Center, on the ground level of the Purple Parking Ramp. Find Terminal 2 map HERE
-Taxi Service
Taking a taxi to Hyatt Regency Minneapolis is convenient since the drive is only 13 miles away from the airport. Fares may be a little higher than other options but are still reasonable.

To grab a taxi in Terminal 1 - follow signs for baggage claim. Once there, take the escalator down to the Tram Level (Level T). Signs will direct you to the Ground Transport Center one level up to the taxi starter booth, where airport staff will assist you in obtaining a taxi. Find Terminal 1 map HERE

At Terminal 2 - taxi service is available at the Ground Transport Center, located on the ground level of the Purple Ramp directly across from the terminal building. Find Terminal 2 map HERE
-Metro Transit Light Rail Train: Blue Line
Find route map HERE
Nicollet Mall Station is the closest station to Hyatt Regency Minneapolis
The Light Rail (LRT) is the cheapest solution to get you downtown. The trains run every 10-15 minutes, starting at 4:20am until 11:30pm. Early morning train service starts at 12:25am and ends at 2:15am. Be aware that these trains run every 30 minutes. To get to downtown Minneapolis, it will probably take you around 25-30 minutes.

Tickets/Pricing: Purchase tickets at a ticket machine, which can be found on the platform or through the Metro Transit app. A one-way trip downtown will cost you $2.50 during peak rush hour times and $2.00 at all other times. Tickets are valid for 2.5 hours. You can also buy an All-Day Pass ($4) or a Visitor Pass ($5) that will offer unlimited ride options.

To find the Terminal 1 platform, follow signs to baggage claim and then go down the escalator for the tram to the LRT station. Take the Tram all way to the Red/Blue Ramps, then take the escalators down to the Light Rail station platforms.

Get to the Terminal 2 platform by taking the escalator near Ticketing to the Orange Ramp skyway. From there, follow signs to the LRT station and then go down one level for the platform.

-Airport Car Rentals
Find rental companies, hours, and contact information HERE
Terminal 1*: On-airport rental car counters at Terminal 1 are located on the ground level of the Silver Parking Ramp. Passengers can take the underground tram to the ramp and follow the wayfinding signs to the rental area. The entrance to the Silver Ramp is located under the Prince mural. Find Terminal 1 map HERE

Terminal 2*: At Terminal 2, on-airport rental car counters are located in the Ground Transportation Center on the ground level of the Purple Ramp directly across from the terminal building. Find Terminal 2 map HERE

*All on-airport rental car companies have counters at both terminals. Rental cars can be returned to either terminal. 

-City Bus Service
City bus pick up and drop off is located in the Transit Center on Level 1 of the Silver ramp. Find Terminal 1 map HERE

There is no bus pick up at Terminal 2. Passengers arriving at Terminal 2 must take light rail transit (or another means of transportation) to Terminal 1 to access city buses. There is no charge for rail service between MSP's terminals.

Find the correct bus route HERE
To access 24-hour automated bus information, call 612-341-4287.